Tuition Classes

Specialist Subject Tutoring Classes

Dedicated to Nurturing your Child.

We specialise in Maths, English and Science tuition

We know that we have a short space of time, so we aim to give concentrated lessons according to your child’s individual needs. This will help them to improve their access to lessons in school and life in general.

  • We meet with you and your child and discuss their needs and their school reports
  • We compile an individual learning plan for them
  • We make baseline assessments on the first day and themn we begin intensive tuition to help your child achieve.

We teach English, Maths & Science for Children and Teenagers (Ages 5 – 16). We focus on teaching children and teenagers English, Maths and Science by qualified teachers who teach in UK schools. Not only do we help children improve, and work on topics they find challenging but we also prepare them for SATs and GCSE exams. We assess our learners on a monthly basis and invite parents in for Teacher – Parent Consultation session to discuss their children’s progress.


We guarantee that your child will improve their grade in 1 subject within 2 terms with us.  

All of our staff are DBS checked to enhanced level, referenced and fully insured.

We deliver very concentrated and individual tuition.  We do not simply fill out worksheets.  

We assess your child continuously and we adapt the tuition according to the assessment.  We are dynamic and we want to maintain our reputation as high quality providers.

We offer discounts for advanced payments. We will provide you with details when we give you the prospectus..

We do not use computers.  All learning is via interactive white boards, games, pen & paper and books.  There is a place for computers, but we find that children already have enough exposure to tablets and computers.  We aim to increase their attention by using traditional methods.

Before & After Handwriting & Fiction



After 2 terms


After 2 terms


After 2 terms

We guarantee your child will improve by 1 grade within 2 terms.  With weekly payment, why not see what we can do for your child?