Parent & Student Testimonies on London Tuition Classes

We pride ourselves on the level of tuition, help & support we are able to to provide

My name is Kurt and I enrolled my child with Karl last year.  Right from the minute go I was reassured by Karl’s knowledge and calm demeanour.  My child really enjoyed working with Karl and progress was amazingly quick.  All of a sudden my child started reading without me nagging them, they knew about Incas and Aztecs!  Their conversation improved and come parents evening at school, the progress was very very apparent.

Kurt Braithwaite

I was worried that my daughter was not progressing in school.  She was 7 and could still not read her long words and never seemed to improve.  I heard about London Tuition and thought I would try, as you can pay weekly and its quite cheap.   Within 2 sessions, Karl and Kate said that they thought my daughter had dyslexia and that I should get her assessed.  My daughter was assessed and given a statement for dyslexia and now receives support in school.  I would never have known if I had not gone to London Tuition.  
Now my daughter still goes and also helps some of the other children, which helps her learn.  She practises her reading and writing and likes going each week.  Thank you so much Karl and your team, you changed my daughter’s learning and her life.

Usma Begum

My boy was really behind at school and it didn’t seem to change each term.  His behaviour was getting bad and he didn’t seem to care anymore.  I sent him to London Tuition and was surprised!  After the first day, I thought he would be kicked out for being naughty.  But instead he came out and said it was a bit boring, but he liked having 1:1 help.  Then each time he liked it more and more and most of all, he started reading words he couldn’t before.  He knew how to count in 5s, he could pick odd and even numbers, his writing improved and he came out with neat work he was proud to show me.

Give it a go, its affordable and you won’t regret it.

Faisal Muhammed

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